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Clearance | 41" Drifter CV DU




All boards in the Garage Sale Clearance are Blems, which are any boards that have cosmetic imperfections that prevent us from selling them as premium first-quality boards. We guarantee the functionality to be 100% up to Carver's strict performance and durability standards. These moderate imperfections can include such things as scratches in the deck, dings in the wood, grip tape blemishes, variations in graphic colors or registration, wheel bubbles or dusty looking wheels, or any other cosmetic defect not specifically listed here.

Blems are sold as-is, no returns or exchanges, and only while our limited supplies last.
This symmetrical Drop Up shape is built for speed. The 11 ply construction adds heft and stability, so whether your pushing across town through traffic or carving and sliding down a paved hill, the Drifter will hold your line without chatter, and the angled Gas Pedals along the rail help give your feet an extra edge for better control. Acclaimed skater and artist Jason Adams painted the Spaceman graphic. Works only with Carver CV Drop Up trucks.
  • 9 7/8" wide
  • 2 1/2" tail
  • 2 1/2" nose
  • 31" wheelbase
  • 11 plys