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Clearance 2018 | 30.25" Firefly Surfskate Complete




All boards in the Carver Garage Clearance are Blems. Blems are defined as cosmetic imperfections and variations that prevent us from selling them as premium first-quality boards. We guarantee the functionality to be 100% up to Carver's strict performance and durability standards. These moderate imperfections can include such things as scratches in the deck, dings in the wood, grip tape blemishes, variations in graphic colors or registration, wheel bubbles or dusty looking wheels, variations in stock wheel style and color or any other cosmetic defect or variations not specifically listed here. 

Blems are sold as-is, no returns or exchanges, and only while limited supplies last.



    Updated for 2018 with a slightly wider nose for better front foot control, this is a shorter version of our Resin, making this model a little snappier and easier to pump.

        • 9 3/4” wide
        • 6 1/4" tail
        • 3 3/8" nose
        • 16 1/2" wheelbase

    Recommended with the CX.4 truck system for snappy thruster/quad performance.